Hubble’s Reveals Latest Nebula Capture of Nebula ‘RS Puppis’

by Tom Edathikunnel

NASA has just released a fascinating collection of data that visually represents the reflective nebula around the Cepheid variable RS Puppis. The oddly named nebula has been monitored from some time and has regular 41.4-day pulsation cycles. Each time RS Puppis reaches its maximum brightness, it pushes another wave of illumination into the surrounding dust cloud.

RS Puppis Light Echo

With such rhythmic pulsations, a pattern of an expanding bulls-eye has appeared around the star, similar to the outward rippling of a pond from strikes on the water’s surface

The images, taken with Hubble’s Advanced Camera for Surveys in a visual filter, began on March 2010 and stretched until April 29, 2010. Each individual image is over a 23-minute exposure frame.

RS Puppis Light Echo II